The Streaming Future

Some webinars are worthless. Others are worth while. Here’s one that was worth while. The Music Business Association, is a wonderful organization to be a part of. In fact, if you plan on being in the music business, I’d say it’s mandatory. They had a good webinar that I was able to attend yesterday.

It was titled “The Streaming Business Model,” was presented by MusicWatch’s Russ Crupnick, and discussed the inevitable future (in reality present) of the Music Industry; the Streaming Business Model. This model seems to be the future for most of the entertainment industry. Streaming is the, “fastest growing segment of music distribution…” as put by Andrew Schwartz, Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty, Music Business Program at New Jersey City University. The question now is, how do we monetize it?

As presented in the webinar, the music market is actually segmented into four groups, and each segment requires its own approach. What I believe is, consumers are like water. Even though you try to force it into certain places, the natural path that it will take will depend on the gravity or force that is driving it down. The music industry can put up all the dams it wants, but consumers will still find their way to the ocean.

You need to figure out how to cater to that and follow that path as opposed to fighting and reconstructing it.

I will be writing more on this subject in future postings, stay tuned… and keep it sounding right.


What is Sounding Right…

I am the author of the music business blog titled, Sounding Right.

As soon as friends (mostly musicians) caught wind of my area of focus, the questions came flooding in:

Is it OK to cover a song on YouTube? What happens if the cover gets a lot of hits? What is interpolation? What is fair use and can I use it? How do I copyright my song and what are my rights? Are there any limitations? Is it ever a good idea to sale your rights? What is a PRO and what does it stand for? What’s a synch, mechanical, or compulsory license? Is there a difference between an agent and an artist manager? What should I look for in a contract? What’s the difference between a “work for hire” and a “transfer of rights”? Is one better than the other? Do we have to pay to sing the Happy Birthday song? etc. etc. etc….

The list goes on…

My blog will cover questions like these and those related to music publishing, licensing, rights, and royalties. I write this blog for my own sake, as well as those of colleagues, friends, and yours alike. My hope with Sounding Right is not only to aid, but to arm those of us in the business with knowledge enough to make well-informed decisions in our musical/entrepreneurial endeavors.

This is our place to feel safe, ask our “stupid” questions, and be all the better for it.

I will be open to questions and suggestions for research. The more questions the better. I will supply the best information to the best of my ability. Please, feel free to have discussions in the comment threads, and contribute to the conversation. Our field constantly changes and remakes itself. The more we question, the more we learn.

As we venture forth in our musical careers,

may this blog be ever helpful to your cause,

Naima Garcia

P.S. Yes, I am named after John Coltrane’s ballad... <<this is a link, just in case you didn’t notice… Go ahead, click it and enjoy! =]