What a time to pick to be out of commission. I want to send my sincerest apologies to all of you for my lack of a presence these past few weeks. A lot has been going on, and is coming up. Not to mention the oh so dreaded finals week! cue ominous music Don’t worry, I have not abandoned my duties oh dear reader!

A lot has happened since last I’ve written, hasn’t it? The world of radio is on the verge of change with the #irespectmusic campaign and the newly proposed legislation, Canada joins the band wagon with the US and extends their copyright from life+50 to life+70 years, Jay Z launches Tidal with a reportedly awkward beginning and the uncertainty for what Tidal may actually bring to the table if anything at all. (See, I’ve been keeping up, ;] )

Now that we’re back in full force, expect a lot of informative entries. I think we’ll talk about royalties and licensing next. Really break it down and clarify the differences between mechanical, statutory, and compulsory royalties. A discussion in class last week revealed to me that not a lot of us are very clear in our understanding of such things. That’s what I’m here for!

Until next time, keep it sounding right…