Playola, Payola… It’s All the Same to Me

How ‘Playola’ is Infiltrating Streaming Services: Pay for Play is Definitely Happening -Billboard Magazine

Payola is the acceptance of payment from a label to a radio DJ as incentive to air the label’s latest artist. This practice of taking such bribes is illegal and for good reason I may add. 

The major labels now pay streaming services to place them on the streaming services’ most popular playlists. 

Sounds pretty similar doesn’t it? My point exactly. However you look at it, or what ever you call it, paying to be played is illegal. 

Seems like Spotify will attempt to rectify the situation by implementing a policy that would strictly prohibit such practices. Penalties would include deletion of playlist that accepted payment, a ban on the label or account user, etc. 

Till next time, keep it sounding right. 


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