The Monopolistic Norm

News Review: Who will survive the music streaming wars? Apple Music, SoundCloud, Vevo: what were the industry’s biggest trends this summer? Find out now!
So we’ve all seen in some form or capacity the big hullabaloo about the media streaming world. Particularly for music it’s been Spotify this, Apple Music that, Tidal barely there, Soundcloud’s up and coming, etc.. Who will be the next big thing? Who will get it right? Who will dominate the market and steal the competition’s listeners? 

I don’t know guys. Is it just me or is something a little off here?

All that the article I’ve pasted above and many others like it tell me is how accepting and expectant we as a society have become of our economy’s oligopolistic, and potentially  monopolistic state. I mean, we all know our ideal of a true competitive market doesn’t and hasn’t really existed for a while now as far as major markets go, but now it seems like we don’t even care anymore. In fact, we’re pushing for it. It seems as if we’ve come to a point where we demand a champion of the market. We as the consumer and market analyst expect an undefeated ruler to reign over all the rest. “Who will survive the music streaming wars…” as stated in the title of the article pasted above. 

What happened to, “Oh ok, streaming’s the new big thing and here are our players amongst which consumers can take their pick…” Instead of, “Apple Music seems to be having little impact on existing, rival streaming services.“(Quoted from the article I have pasted above.) Notice the excessive focus on impact of RIVAL competitors and market domination. I feel like I’m reading about a joust or boxing match to the death! It seems that we’re obsessed with the senseless, unforgiving slaughter and complete obliteration of competition.

Hear ye, hear ye! Streaming market gladiators fight to the death in the music industry coliseum! Only one will live and be crowned victor across the lands! (I’m crossing some period lines here, but you get the picture)

Weren’t we taught in school that healthy competition is good for the economy and monopolies are bad? I feel like I’m asking, “Didn’t your mama teach you any manners?” Apparently we’re getting all swept up in the hype and threw “manners” clear out the window!

I think it’s high time we check ourselves people, and keep it sounding right… 

P.S. I have to say, I do love the image Pierre Ziemniak, the author, used for his article. Major brownie points.  May the force be with you…

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