A Single Source

The Failure Of The Global Repertoire Database
Trying to source copyrights and royalties is like trying to trace your ancestry without the help of DNA and a geneologist. It’s doable, but get ready for a hassle and a half. 

Tracing rights and royalties can be a time consuming and expensive task. Largely due to the fact that there is no centralized database for such information. There have been quite a few attempts to create one by PROs (performing rights organizations) and other rights agencies, but all have failed. The most successful attempt was the GRD WG (Global Database Repetoire Working Group)  back in 2008. All was going swimmingly up until this past year in 2014. The project could move forward no longer once certain PROs, namely ASCAP (American Society Of Composers Authors and Publishers), pulled out. It seems no one could agree on who would run the whole shin dig. A lot of agencies were also concerned about losing business if clients could just source and license from the database directly. They would then become obsolete.  

I don’t see why they can’t just make the database like a world wide directory or library of some sort… The article I have linked at the top of this post is a good read. It goes into more detail. 

Any questions, concerns, ideas? Comment at the bottom, and remember, keep it sounding right. 


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