Is a Novelty Item Becoming a Staple?

Vinyl Sales Generate More Revenue Than Free Spotify, YouTube, and VEVO Combined

Seems like Vinyl albums may be the way of the future for physical sales. CDs will soon diminish and join the ranks of cassettes and a-tracks, only to be replaced by their ancestor.  How interesting it is to imagine the future of the industry in this way. To think, one day consumers will listen “on the go” via streaming (possibly DDL’s) whilst at home, they will listen a la turntable and vinyl. Once again, every household will have at least one turntable amidst all their high tech and digital home appliances. Imagine the Jetsons, but with a turntable!

The surge in vinyl sales isn’t much of a surprise. There’s no real purpose for buying physical formats any longer. The one thing vinyl has above all other listening platforms, including digital, is a superb listening experience.  The sound picked up by vinyl is pure, full, warm and imperfect. The slight imperfections give the music a real or “human” quality that is a miss with digital. It seems to me that when most decide they want a physical copy of their favorite music, they don’t just want a CD. The consumer wants the full and intimate experience one can only get from holding vinyl in their hands. The vinyl record is art, and highly collectible art at that. There is a sense of pride when one can claim ownership of a vinyl record, or declares to their friends, “I collect vinyl.” Also, vinyl records are considerably more expensive than their digital counterparts. Couple that with demand because of the cool factor, and you have soaring revenues! 

Every other format has vanished or diminished considerably, except for vinyl. The vinyl record has gone under the radar since its first inception but has never truly disappeared. Now it has been revived in all its glory! Seems like we did it right the first time. 

Maybe vinyl will help you keep it sounding right…


1979 20/20 Talks New Wave and Punk

Fun and interesting window on the perspective of a significant period in our musical history as it happened!

December 1979, 20/20 talks about the 1980’s new wave and punk phenomena. 

Original two part video segments are at the bottom of the article!

(Bit of a disclaimer… There are some parts I have issue with that I believe are not 100% accurate, but hey, it’s still cool.)