1979 20/20 Talks New Wave and Punk

Fun and interesting window on the perspective of a significant period in our musical history as it happened!

December 1979, 20/20 talks about the 1980’s new wave and punk phenomena. 

Original two part video segments are at the bottom of the article!

(Bit of a disclaimer… There are some parts I have issue with that I believe are not 100% accurate, but hey, it’s still cool.)



  1. Teresa Garcia · September 6, 2015

    Hey! What don’t you agree with. I would like to know your thoughts. I was in the limelight of my youth when new wave came about and I enjoyed it very much. Still do when I hear it on the radio. Is it that you disagree that punk rock is about chaos and anti-culture and that musically it doesn’t make sense? That’s ok by me about the musical part only. Ok. Hope to hear from you soon. Love and peace.


    • Naima · September 15, 2015

      It was just a few things in the film itself that I felt were not historically accurate or factual. My disagreements had nothing to do with the music and the counter culture. I love punk and new wave myself!


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