The problem is the music-streaming companies | The Hill – Paul Williams

Be sure to read both articles. They give some real insight in to the struggle and confusion of today’s music industry concerning fairness, transparency and profitability. Who’s the bad guy? Where is the real source of the problem? Why do the artists always get the short end of the stick? It’s always best to have the whole picture, at least as much as one can garner, before making a decision/taking sides/having an opinion.

The Trichordist

Songwriters have a number of allies in the ongoing fight to update our nation’s horribly outdated music licensing laws. But after reading the recent post by CALInnovate’s Mike Montgomery (“Songwriters are fighting the wrong fight,” 10/5/15), it’s clear that he is not one of them. On what grounds can Montgomery, who represents technology industry interests, claim that he speaks on behalf of songwriters?

As a songwriter elected to represent the interests of ASCAP’s more than 550,000 music creator members, I find Montgomery’s arguments absurd and grossly misleading.


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